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The Mind Killer

Welcome, Inquisitorial Acolytes.

Your assignment is taking place on the Imperial Hive World of Baraspine, specifically its capital city, Hive Adna.

You were dispatched to the planet via the slow route from Scintilla, the Calixis Sector’s capital, aboard the Last Watch, in the care of Interrogator Crowe, an underling of the enigmatic Inquisitor Deloit.
He has charged you to investigate an illicit substance that is being circulated under the moniker Fear. Tracking the drug has shown that it’s use permeates every level of Hive society, from Sirra Fabian Desrayne among the nobility to the depths of the Hollow, Adna’s Underhive. Two major Underhive gangs, the Razors and the Bulls, both seem to deal in the drug.

Your contact on site is Arbitrator Lucius Azhad.

Here’s a handy list of Locations you have visited or will soon visit.

Main Page

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