The Hollow is the local name for the Underhive of Hive Adna. Situated beneath even the lowest hab tenements of the Lower Hive, it is an ever shifting warren of dry cave complexes and ruins of the city that stood on this site long before the Hive grew skywards. It is known to be a home for mutants and a substantial portion of the Hive’s organized crime, such as the Bulls and the Razors.
It is thought that the drug Fear is being manufactured and distributed from the Hollow, though Judge Lucius Azhad has not yet been able to secure any positive intel. The gangs, it seems, are very well informed about who is on the Arbites payroll.

The Bloodpit, operational centre for Raffa the Gladiator King and the Bulls, exists somewhere in the Hollow.

Having descended via Checkpoint 17, the Causeway led to the settlements of Worm Cave and Runner’s Leap.

Longreach, the home of Stayvo’s Uncle Veck, exists somewhere in the Hollow, but its questionable if even Stayvo knows exactly where.


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