Hive Adna

Hive Adna is the most populous of Baraspine’s cities and also its centre of government and interplanetary trade. The Hive is loosely segregated by the height at which its citizens live, with the nobility and very wealthiest merchant houses living near the top, the mid section dominated by manufacturing centres, commercial interests and many arms of the sprawling Imperial bureaucracy, and the Lower Hive below that, where the bulk of the city’s population lives. These latter citizens are mostly industrial serfs, working in the cities industrial districts then coming home to lock their doors against the various predations of criminals and mutants swarming up from the Underhive, or the Hollow as it is known locally. It is from the Underhive that the target of your investigation, the illegal drug Fear, appears to emanate.

The Hive’s main exports are ceramics, including the heat resistant plates used in the construction of shuttle hulls, and cogitator cells for the Adeptus Mechanicus.

Of the Underhive, little official information exists, bar that it is composed partially of a dry cave system and partially of the ancient ruins of the city from which the Hive arose. Prone to cave-ins, infested with mutants and criminals and often dangerously exposed to the weather conditions outside, it is regarded as a very dangerous place to reside. But rumours of freedom, wealth and ancient secrets from the city before tempt more hivers from all walks of life by the day. The Razors and the Bulls are two prominent underhive gangs, and you have aquired some evidence that both of them deal in Fear. Underhive settlements include Worm Cave, Runner’s Leap and the Bulls’ centre of operations, the Bloodpit.

An important festival for Hive Adna is the Festival of the Spire Ascendant, celebrating the Hive’s construction. This festival is scheduled to occur approximately a fortnight after your arrival.

A breakdown of locations in Hive Adna, currently stored in Raegia’s dataslate, is available here: Hive Locations.

Hive Adna

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