Impressionable Thug


Stayvo is not the sharpest of underhive criminals. Born “off the record” as he puts it, he has been unable to find employment in the Emperor’s holy service, though he learned early on that wealth could be pursued through other avenues. Upon being picked up by Lucky Trin, he viewed the flamboyant alleyman as a messianic tactical genius. Things did not work out, however.

After your run in with and rapid dispersal of Lucky Trin’s gang, Stayvo has helped you out as best he could, giving his rough and largely circumstantial knowledge of the Underhive gangs, the Razors and the Bulls. He also mentioned that his gang fenced their stolen goods to an Underhiver named Chek, Razors gang member.

After cleaning out what was left the gang’s stash, and giving you what he thought was a responsible cut for not killing him, Stayvo has moved to the Underhive settlement of Longreach to seek out his Uncle Veck.


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