Raffa the Gladiator King

Underhive Entertainment Kingpin


Raffa is a giant of a man, and in his business you had to be. Standing nearly seven and a half feet tall and with girth to match, the man now known as the Gladiator King first became known in the Hollow as a champion Pit Slave, a cybernetically augmented gladiator forced to do battle with savage beasts and others like him for the entertainment of baying crowds. Having survived the arena long enough to earn his freedom, Raffa soon rose to prominence amongst the Bulls, and is now the proprietor of the Bloodpit, their most profitable and probably most legitimate source of income.

From the babbled testimony of Sirra Fabian Desrayne, you can deduce that Raffa the Gladiator King ably supplies Underhivers and Uphivers alike with their taste for “Excitement! Fighting! (and) Whores!”.

Raffa the Gladiator King

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