Lucky Trin

Late Entrepeneur of Violence


Lucky Trin, until recently, ran a moderately successful gang in the lower mid Hive, ambushing lost travellers as they approached the offworlder-friendly accomodation of the Guilder’s House. Snatching goods and lives with a theatrical flair and a flash jacket, he vastly overestimated his gang’s capabilities when they jumped three weary looking but very heavily armed trvellers in an alley one fateful night cycle. He did not survive the encounter.

His muscular minion, Stayvo, was by comparison either more or less lucky. He survived, and was left at your tender mercies until he proved how helpful he could be.

Though Trin may have considered himself a big fish in this part of the Hive, according to Stayvo at least, the larger and more established gangs of the Hollow, the Razors and the Bulls refused to even associate with him.

Lucky Trin

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