Head Judge Lucius Azhad

Head Judge of the Adeptus Arbites on Baraspine


Lucius’ is the top law man in Hive Adna, and as the capital’s Head Judge he is the highest legal authority on all of Baraspine. A strongly built man in his early fifties, his black hair is begining to grey, and on your last meeting he wore the two day stubble of the constantly run down.
Beset by bickering nobles on one side, riotous Underhive gangs on the other, and an apparent spat with the local Adeptus Mechanicus, Azhad appears to be nearing the edge of his capabilities in enforcing the Emperor’s justice, something that has not escaped the notice of his underling Sergeant Sergeant Arya Fera. Unable to contain all the disruption at once, he sent for help from Inquisitor Deloit in an attempt to get the Fear trade taken care of.

He did mention that he had a witness you may be interested in, though he suggested you rest up while said witness was made ready, organizing your accomodation at the Guilder’s House.

Head Judge Lucius Azhad

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