Interrogator Crowe

Smiling Inquisitor's Apprentice


When Inquisitor Deloit selected you for the investigation on Baraspine, it fell to his apprentice, Interrogator Crowe, to arrange your transport. The young agent thus coerced the captain of the cemetary ship the Last Watch into making an unscheduled stop, and arranged for you to be picked up by his master’s extensive shadow network and placed in stasis for the long journey.

Crowe is a young looking blonde man with scruffily kept blonde hair, startling blue eyes and an oddly uniform skin tone that, along with his apparent youth and high rank, suggests the use of rejuvenation treatments. Additionally, his skin is wired with highly advanced electoos showing his Inquisitorial allegiances, subtle enough to be undetectable when deactivated. He did not accompany you on the shuttle ride to Hive Adna, but did give you a silver coin that appears to be some kind of communication device.

Crowe’s attempts to analyse the drug Fear have so far proven unsuccessful, with even psychic readings yielding little more than “its old… very old, with traces of strange emotions”

Interrogator Crowe

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