Fabian Desrayne

Hedonistic minor nobleman


A useful witness that Arbitrator Azhad has been keeping cooperative with the threat of Grand Heresy charges. Fabian was caught with his pants down in the back room of a cult mass, though the Arbites have ascertained that he had no real knowledge of the group’s purpose or leadership (who remain at large). However, the charges have provided ample leverage for Fabian to spill the beans regarding his Fear habit.

The enthusiastic young man was entirely willing to sell out his former dealer, Razzi, whom he had deserted a short while ago due to the dealer increasing his prices. Fabian also gave up the identity of his current dealer, who through his “astounding powers of deduction” he had found to be Raffa the Gladiator King, the Underhive kingpin, owner of the Bloodpit and apparent leader of the Bulls.

As a final condition in exchange for his freedom, he has agreed to act as your “in” to gain access to interviews with the nobility, noting that the Festival of the Spire Ascendant would be a good opportunity to make themselves known, despite its being “terribly dull”.

Fabian Desrayne

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