Follow the breadcrumbs…

“Greetings, Agents. Congratulations on the result of your last assignment. I thank you again for your efforts, and hope that the intervening time has been enough for you to recuperate sufficiently.
“I have another request for you. It is an issue of some importance, but you have proven yourself thus far. I trust that you are capable. You will be working under my associate, Inquisitor Deloit, and his agents will be assisting you on the ground. Further instructions await you at your domicile. Press the sensor pad on this dataslate once you have read this message.
The Emperor Protects

After that, all is darkness. The enigmatic Inquisitor Deloit, it seems, is not the kind to wait for a polite answer. Three Inquisitorial Acolytes, snatched from their lives and taken, unconscious, to a destination unknown.

But as the sedation begins to fade, the darkness becomes no less impenetrable…

Welcome to the labyrinth. Emperor alone knows where you’ll find your minotaur, as he’s more cunning and subtle than he’s ever been.

More to come, as you awake in the dark…

The Mind Killer